How to Recover Google Account?

We all have a lot to feed in our memory these days. From reminders to passwords to phone patterns to what not. But when we fall in a misery of forgetting your mail account passwords, we sure lose patience in no time as it contains a lot of important documents, information and essential contacts. But hey! Have you forgotten your Google account password?  If yes, then remove all your worries from your mind. Google account recovery support team provides the several options to recover your account easily, in any case.

Read the following methods given below to easily recover your Google account or via Google account recovery by phone call

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can go to Google Account Recovery Page and type your associated phone number or alternate email address. Google will send you fresh link of resetting your passwords. If you don’t even remember any of these, it’s ok! Check out the other methods given below in line.

  • Click on “I don’t know my username”:

In the very same page, if you do not really remember your username or password, select the “I don’t know my username” option instead.

  • Select “I don’t know your password or enter last password”:

You may enter you last password if you remember, this can help in recovering your account a bit, and if not, then select an option mentioned “I don’t know”.

  • Choose any one recovery option:

This dialogue box will send a text message on your last mentioned mobile number or will send an mail on your alternate email address. Choose either of the option to recover your Google Account.

  •  Enter verification Detail:

Enter the verification detail you have received from the end of Google on your mobile number.  Or, if you had received a recovery mail sent on your alternate email id, click on the link mentioned in mail.

How to Recover Google Account with 2-Step Verification?

Everyone is now dependent on Google for various tasks and works that is done easily. Not only this, as Google has stepped into every sector of the market which requires Google account to be connected to the product and services to work smoothly. Seeing to this, more people got connected to Google account so that they get to use Google services and products easily. Also, it has been observed that due to the increase in cyber crimes and threats the user data was at risk to be exposed to hackers for misuse. To avoid such issues, Google introduced very integrated steps and measures to protect the user's data. To know new steps read further the piece of information.

Various steps of Protection and Recovery

To protect your Google account, the officials introduced different recovery options to not only protect the personal data but also make it easy for the user to recover its account. These steps are mentioned below.

  1. Recovery through the Phone number
  2. Recovery through Email Address
  3. Recovery by answering security questions
  4. Recovery by 2-step verification
  5. Google account recovery by phone call

In case you forget the password and want Google account recovery then you use the easy method of recovering either by email or phone number. In case, anyone does not have linked both of them then the user can still recover its account by answering the security questions. Besides, the one and unique way to recover the password is by using 2-step verification. Read below to know the process related to this unique method.

Learn How to recover Google account Using 2-Step Verification

When you want to recover your Google account then doing the same from the usual recovery method will not only be interesting but also will be a much protected way to avoid any inconvenience in future. To know how to recover Google Account using this method you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the web browser and go to Google account recovery page.
  2. When you land in the login page, you are required to enter your username and then press “Enter”.
  3. In the password field, tap on “I forgot the Password” and you will be redirected to three usual recovery options.
  4. Tap on “Try another Method” and you will be asked to choose from the options. Tap on recover using 2-step verification.
  5. When you tap on the method, you are required to enter one 10-digit verification code that was given to you at the time of setting up the 2-step option.
  6. By entering the correct code, you can log into your account safely and change the password.

Require Intervention? Get Connected to Google account recovery team

If you are not able to recover your account then you can come in contact with Google account recovery team who will be readily helping you. The customer support is 24/7 active so that you can get connected any time irrespective of your time zone. The customer representatives will be delighted to help you and will solve your queries in a short span of time.

Google Account Recovery By Phone Call!!

The confidential Google Account Recovery Number online customer service received in either of the options will help you recover your access to your account promptly.The support team at Google works 24x7 hours to make sure irrespective of the technical error, and where the user is the resolution is always near when they need it the most.