Do you want assistance from Pinterest customer service and would like to know if they provide live chat support? Pinterest is a social networking platform that may be accessed via a computer browser or even a mobile device. Additionally, the Pinterest app is compatible with a variety of web browsers. When a user has an issue with the Pinterest app, they may seek assistance from their customer care representatives. They provide assistance through a variety of channels, allowing customers to communicate with their agents about any service-related issues. You may learn more about contacting Pinterest customer service via live chat or other methods by reading the information below.

How can you contact Pinterest via live chat?

Customers may get help from Pinterest through live chat support, which can be reached in a very easy manner. You may learn more about how to get live chat help from Pinterest by reading the information below.

  • To begin, tap the bottom of your device's Pinterest app
  • Then browse to the Tap Inbox option from the app's home screen
  • After that, on the screen, pick the press New message option
  • Then, on the Pinterest live chat page, you may search contacts to discover or choose up to 10 friends
  • After that, you must touch the Next button to begin the live conversation
  • After which you may write your message or tap to find Pins to send in the chat window
  • Lastly, send the message by pressing the send button in the live chatbox

How can you contact Pinterest via an online support request?

Customers who want assistance from Pinterest customer service may submit a request using the online form. If you need to learn how to get help from the Pinterest customer support team by filling out an online request form, please see the instructions below.

  • To begin, open a browser and go to the Pinterest website to get assistance from customer service
  • After that, navigate to the online request form and fill in the facts about the assistance you want
  • Then hit the submit button, and your question will be handled by a Pinterest customer care professional

The information provided here can help you determine does Pinterest have live chat and, if so, how to contact them via that medium for assistance. In addition, you have discovered another method of obtaining assistance from Pinterest regarding a query, which requires you to complete an online request form.

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