How can you contact the customer care team of Google?

More we are getting dependent on Google for all our day to day internet activities. And as users of Google are increasing, more people are complaining about the issues they face. Google has launched many unique features for the feasibility of the customers and if any of them face doubt, it also makes sure to fix it on time. And on a daily basis thousands of people reach out to the customer care team of Google to get their issues solved. And to handle so many queries coming from the side of customers, one can easily reach out to the Google customer service live person. To find out how can I speak to a live person at Google, here are the steps.

Customer care team of Google

Google team totally empathizes with the problems faced by the customers and hence to solve the grievances of the users Google has appointed its own customer care team. The team appointed is responsible for hearing out to the customers and fix their issues. There are three different methods of reaching out to the Google customer support live person.

Methods of talking to the Google customer care team live

Through phone call

1. This is the easiest and most reliable method of contacting the customer care team of Google. You can call up on the reservation helpline number and let them know your issue.

2. As you call up on the number and once the call is connected, tap on any number fixed for one service particularly.

3. You can explain your issues to the Google executive in details and then he will try fixing it for you.

Services provided by the customer care on call

1. Apps, downloads or music related issues of Google play store

2. Hardware questions or you have ordered any product

3. Error code in any Google app

On email or live chat

1. If you are not able to reach the customer care team of Google then you can also contact the customer care by email or live chat. This is another alternative.

2. The respond from Google live chat will be a little slow but they will get back to you. You can text or mail them your issues and they will try fixing it on their own.

3. Usually the issues which are not urgent can be fixed on mail or live chat. Unlike calling helpline number, live chat does not work 24x7 hence plan accordingly.

Things to know before reaching out to the customer care

1. If you want to contact live person Google customer care then there are few things you need to know. To find out more about this, tap below.

2. The helpline number for calls operates 24x7 whereas functioning time of live chat is limited.

3. Till the issue is not resolved, the customer care team will stay in touch with you.

4. You can ask for any doubt to customer care team and they will try their level best.

5. To operate 24x7 the customer care team works in different shifts with dedication and team work.

And that’s how you can find solution for your query of how do I speak to a live person at Google.