How to solve the Roku error code 009?

Today internet is facing high demand from all age groups but most importantly for streaming online web series and movies. For watching these web series and movies, several online devices are used that provide all of these online series and shows at one common platform. And Roku device is one of those service providers providing digital platform for online shows.

Error codes in Roku device

Since Roku devices run with the help of internet but if the internet connection fails, Roku will not work. A lot of users having subscription of Roku device often complain about certain error codes displaying on their screen. And one of those error codes is Roku TV error code 009.

What is Roku error code 009 and how to fix it?

Roku error code 009 occurs when your set up box is connected to the internet but there is no connectivity. Internet issue is the sole reason behind the Roku error code 009 and all other codes. And the only solution to fix it is establishing a strong internet connection. But for fixing this error, there are certain trouble shooting steps that you can follow. The steps to fix error 009 can be taken from below points.

Steps to fix Roku error code 009

1. To start with, switch off your Roku device and plug out all the wires and cables and wait for the lights to blink on the Roku device.

2. Now after light turns off, switch off your wireless router as well and remove the data cable

3. Wait for few seconds and re-connect the Data cable again. Now turn on the wireless router and wait for a minute till it reboots.

4. Now check and find out if the router is working properly or not. And if the internet has been fixed, you can even turn on your Roku device

5. And finally try re-connecting your Roku device with the internet network

6. Perform the activation steps and cross check for any issue in the router still left.

7. And if there are no issues then you can continue using the internet as before.

8. Similarly if you are using mobile data then try fixing the connection on phone.

And that’s how you can fix the issue of error code 009 on Roku. But suppose if in case you are not able to fix your Roku device then you might need to contact either the technical team of Roku or your Wi-Fi service provider. They will check both the devices and try fixing it.