From a reckless college kid to a 9 to working bachelor, all of us are addicted to binge watching series. And there are several service providers who provide with online videos to all over the world. From science fiction to animated movies, you can access movies and series of every genre. And one such online videos service operator is Hulu. Hulu that was launched in 2007 is fully owned by Walt Disney. Since Walt Disney mostly produces animated cartoon shows thus Hulu also has mostly kid shows.

How to contact customer care of Hulu?

Hulu mostly works on the basis of paid subscription that provides with videos on demand to the users. And probably that’s why users also come across certain issues in their Hulu account. The most of the issues arising from the side of users is basically related to the device or video errors. And for rectifying those errors, Hulu has appointed a separate customer care team to fix them. Now suppose if you are a new user of the Hulu, you might be thinking how do I speak to someone at Hulu? For the guidelines, tap below.

Process of contacting customer care team of Hulu

The customer care team provides direct phone call and live chat support methods, if you want to contact the Hulu customer service.  There are different steps for all the methods of the customer care. Here is the detailed information.

Chat support service

If you are a regular subscriber of Hulu then it can be your easiest method of reaching out to the customer care team. For contacting the customer care through chat support, follow below given steps.

1. The chat support feature of Hulu is available on the website.

2. As you log in the website, you will find an option of ‘HULU help’. Tap on the option and share your concern over there.

3. You might not receive the immediate reply but, the customer care team will reach out to you shortly with the prospect solution.

Calling on the customer service number

If you think you are not able to reach the customer care team via chat then you will always have an option to reach to the Hulu customer service phone number. To find out how to make a call on the helpline number, tap below.

1. For every customer care team, there are common helpline numbers assigned by the companies for customer’s convenience.

2. For reaching out to the Hulu team, dial the helpline number and wait till the call is being received.

3. As the call is being picked up, press a particular digit assigned against the service and wait.

4. Your call will be connected to an executive and your issue will be resolved by him within 24 hours. And you are done.