Roku is one of the popular streaming players that one can easily connect with their television and easily stream multiple contents. However, to access this service, it is required the user has subscribed to the service and have properly connected the device with the TV. 
Well, it is quite simple to access Roku services; still, there are a few users who have questions regarding the setup procedures and issues with the device. So, to help out the users in such situations, Roku customer service live person service was introduced where one can seek assistance for all their queries. 
Besides, for the users who have no clue on how do I speak to someone at Roku, they can check out the various contact methods mentioned in this article and resolve their Roku issues in time and enjoy uninterrupted services. 

Ways to contact Roku customer service live person

To ensure that the users are offered the finest services, Roku has introduced multiple contact options to the users to offer them quick assistance. 

1. Call customer support

The users who require assistance can dial the toll-free number 1 (816) 272-8106 of the Roku support center provided on the official website of the airline. After that, the user can get in touch with the Roku customer service live person and seek the required assistance. 

2. Use live chat service

• If the user fails to contact the support representative over a phone call, they can easily opt for the live chat option to contact Roku customer service chat service
• Further, a support representative will be assigned to the user that will enquire about their issue. 
• Then, the user can explain the issues they are experiencing or other queries they have regarding the device. 
• After that, the assigned representative will offer users the required help. 

3. Send an email 

In case, if the user fails to contact the live person by any of the above-mentioned methods, they can simply send an email to the support center explaining their issue or query at Once the email is submitted, the user will be offered the required assistance within the stipulated period. 
Hence, with this, the query on how do I speak to someone at Roku is resolved. Besides, the users who are encountering minor issues with the device can visit the Roku support page and check out the FAQs to find suitable solutions. 
Roku community page:
Roku support page:
So, for users who encounter issues with the Roku device, this information might help them out to resolve their queries in time and enjoy uninterrupted streaming services.