People who use QuickBooks software for accounting purposes may sometime face trouble while using it. Many types of issue may happen in QuickBooks software due to minor technical glitches, some of which are very simple to handle while others may not. Among all the other issues, which QuickBooks software users may face now or then, error h202 is the most common one. QuickBooks error h202 intimates that the multi-user connection to a particular server is restricted. More specific details about QuickBooks error h202 and the solutions to fix it are discussed below.

What is QuickBooks error code h202 and why it happened?

In the beginning it is explained that QuickBooks error h202 indicates the blocked condition of the multi-user mode in the server. Moreover common reasons for QuickBooks error h202 are enlisted below:

·       Mis-configuration of hosting settings on server

·       Prevention from firewall software

·       Mis-configuration in DNS settings of server

·       QuickBooks software is unable to get IP address of host or the server

What are the solutions to fix QuickBooks error h202?

It doesn’t matter how the QuickBooks error h202 has occur, still user can use some troubleshooting to get rid of the issue. The most simplistic solution to fix QuickBooks error h202, are given below:

Ping server

·       Open Run tab in your device and type CMD

·       Press OK and get ready to ping server from device

·       Type ping then server name and hit enter button

·       Now recheck the QuickBooks error gone or not

Run QuickBooks database manager

·       Open the search box in the windows and type database

·       Then select QuickBooks database server manager by scrolling down the list

·       Next find the folder where company files are stored

·       Select the folder, go to start menu and run the scan

·       Let the QuickBooks database manager to automatically repair firewall

·       Then hit the close button after scan is complete

·       Now open QuickBooks and go to the file menu

·       Find multi-user mode and turn on the button

Configure firewall settings

·       Open firewall to unblock QuickBooks multi-user mode

·       Go to the settings and select changed to allow it

·       Next open the QuickBooks and switch to the multi-user mode from files menu

Hopefully now clearly know what is error code h202 in QuickBooks, at the same time you have also acknowledged the solutions to fix the problem. However, in case you are unable to deal with the QuickBooks error h202 even after getting reference from above explained methods you must get help from a technical representative by contacting them through customer care center.