Playstation is a widely used game console which allows its users to play online games. Though it is widely used efficiently across the world, there are times when the users face issues while using Playstation. If you are facing issues with any of Playstation models, you can contact the support team of Playstation.

Common issues with Playstation

You can contact Playstation customer service for all kinds of issues related to Playstation device or its games. Some of the common issues faced by Playstation users are:

  • Error codes
  • Payment issue
  • Faulty Playstation hardware
  • Damaged or faulty HDMI port or cable
  • Storage space
  • Connectivity issue

If you are facing any of these issues or any other issue, contact the support team of Playstation and they will assist you with the best services.

How to talk to Playstation support online?

If you want to contact the live person in customer support of Playstation, you need to dial the toll-free number. To contact the live person in support, press 5 and stay on the line. The waiting time might be between 1-2 minutes. Other than, if want to know how to talk to PlayStation support, you can use other options in the customer service phone menu:

  • To get help related to the network account of Sony Playstation or to reset the Playstation password, you need to press 1.
  • For queries related to Playstation network account charges, press 2.
  • If you want to troubleshoot the issues related to PS4, controllers and other hardware devices, press3.
  • For assistance related to Playstation VR, you need to press 4.
  • For any other inquiries related to Playstation, press 5.

Playstation support services are available during particular hours of a day during weekdays. The support hours decreases during the weekends. So, you need to choose a time slot for assistance. In case you want to enquire about closed captions, you can dial the phone number and each Sony support.

Different ways to contact Playstation support

To contact the support or talk to Playstation support online, you can choose any of the ways mentioned below:

  • Social network- You can contact the support through the social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
  • Live chat- You can get instant support by contacting the live person using the support page of Playstation.
  • Email- You can reach them using the official email address at You just need to drop an email regarding the query and the support executives will get back to you.

You can find all the contact details on the official website of Playstation and get the best support services for resolving the queries.