Often while turning on the computer device, sometimes it fails to turn on. Computers and laptops are fragile gadgets that require proper care and maintenance. Now that we use computers regularly to work or study or even for entertainment, often machines get heated up. And maybe because of such reasons or power/battery issues, it often does not start. If your device is also not starting or booting then follow this blog for the methods to fix it.

Why my computer is not booting?

Now there are several reasons why a computer is not rebooting. But once you figure out the reasons behind this technical glitch, you can fix it easily. So before you jump to the solutions, here are a few reasons listed behind the computer’s booting problem.

Reasons behind Computer is not booting

1. The biggest reason behind the computer not turning on rebooting can be the device being heated. As stated, technical gadgets have a certain durability. If you use your computer all day long then after some time, its operating system will get exhausted. And in the process of turning it on, it will stop booting.

2. Also if there is a power issue in the device such as any wire or cable being loose with the connecting device then also the device might stop working.

3. If not taken care of, often the computer gets attacked with any virus or malware. And because of this, the entire processing unit of the laptop gets destroyed. And because of the same reason often the system does not turn on.

4. In case the Operating system of the computer is not updated then such issues can occur.

Steps to fix the issue of Computer is not booting

To fix the problem of the computer is not booting up that happens because of the following reasons, users can opt for the below-given solutions.

1. If your device refuses to boot up then you can look for the power issue. To fix it simply turn off your computer by long press on the power button. Once the system is shut, remove all the cables and wait for a minute. Now connect all the wires back and again turn on the device.

2. If the device freezes on starting then turn on the computer. Now turn on and pick the rebooting option and restart the computer in safe mode. Now look if you have installed any new software and remove it. Maybe that is what affecting the operations.

3. Next, if there is a battery issue then see if your laptop is charging properly or not, if your system is not charging then check the charger if it’s working properly or not. In case not then exchange it. But if the problem still not gets fixed then visit any repair shop.

And that’s how you can get over the problem if you find the computer will not boot up windows 10 after installation. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team of technical support.