What the users would do when they wants support through the Centurylink customer service team?

It is always the tendency of the customers that they look for the better email service and Centurylink is the best example for that. It is the convenient and elegant mail app that could be accessed through using different devices and from anywhere.Customers are able to access the easy features that might be difficult to access while using the other mail application.Through using this users may send the large file attachments in the messages and also expect the instant rely through the other side.But there would be might be some difficult scenarios that users found difficult to overcome.For that Centurylink has the group of eligible technical experts that gone through the tough training criteria to come up with unique and efficient solutions.For contacting the centurylink customer service team it is required to dial the helpline number that is easy to search on the customer support website

Find here different facilities that users could enjoy while using the Centurylink services

  • Able to get the high speed internet

  • Customer are able to connect through number of individuals at the same point of time

  • The back up could be taken for the files

  • Filter feature could be easily apply for different mails

  • Able to send mails to multiple emails addresses in one go

Here the folks could see the solution for how to set up Centurylink email on outlook

  • First customer should punch the button "File"

  • Additionally the "Account Settings” button to be select through the users 

  • It is now required to punch the  button for "Account Settings" again.

  • Added to that button for "New" to be choosed

  • Moreover select "Manual setup or additional server types" to be choosed

  •  At the same time users should punch the "Next".

  • Side by side users choose  "POP or IMAP".

  •  Coupled with that users may choose the "Next".

  • The following details need to be filled now:

      1.Account holder name

      2. Account holder  Email Address

  • Likewise "POP3" button to be select through users.

  • Simultaneously users need to enter pop.centurylink.net for the "Incoming mail server".

  • Coupled with that users should type smtp.centurylink.net for the "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)".

  • Side by side users should enter the  email Address for the "User Name".

  •  Added to that  "Password" to be entered in a text field.

  • Likewise users need to go with the  "More Settings". 

  • Simultaneously users need to choose the "Outgoing Server" tab. 

Customer need to ensure that following has been entered:

  1. My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

  2. Name settings as the  incoming mail server

  • At the same time "Advanced" tab should be choosed as well. The following details are to be entered:

      1.Users type 995 for the "Incoming server (POP3)"

      2. It is now required to check the box that would be next to "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"

  • Moreover the following details are to be entered:

      1.Users should enter 587 for the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"

      2. At same time TLS for "Use the following type of encrypted connection"

      3. Additionally users could check the box that would be next to the  "Leave a copy of messages on the server"

      4. Users should punch the "OK" button as well

  • Simultaneously the  "Next" button to be chosed.

  • Additionally the button "Close" to be choosed through users

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For further technical issues customers should do the instant connectivity through the Centurylink customer service & support team that is quite impressive in providing the unique and solutions.