Configure Gmail in iPhone perfectly to use the best Gmail client on the best mobile device

The iPhone is one of the best phones in the market. In fact, all iOS devices are very popular among mobile device users. People use their iPhones for many professional reasons too, like sharing or editing some files or sending or receiving files and images for the official or personal purpose. On the other hand, Gmail is the most favorite email client of billions of email users all over the world. Apart from Gmail, some other Google services Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Alerts, and Google Contacts are equally popular among Google users. It is thus necessary to configure Gmail properly on the iPhone. Innumerable calls are received by iPhone customer care or the technical experts asking them to help in this matter step by step.

Find here some simple step for how to configure Gmail in iphone

The process involves a few steps. These are as follows:

Step 1: It is necessary to launch the settings option from the home screen in iPhone.

Step 2: The option names “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” is to be selected now.

Step 3: In this option, the user will find “Accounts” option from the drop-down list of options, which is to be selected now.

Step 4: Here the user could find “Add Account” option, and in the “Add Account” option he needs to select “Google” whose account is to be configured.

Step 5: The system will now ask to put Gmail login id and password. Completing this step, he needs to move to the next screen by tapping “Next”.

Step 6: A few options will appear here, like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, etc. The user is free to choose one or multiple of these options. After activating these options, he needs to “Save” the changes to use Gmail from iPhone.

  1. It is also necessary to make some important changes in the setting to sync of devices simultaneously for getting Gmail client seamlessly on all devices including iPhone.

  2. For that purpose, following changes are necessary

  3. The user once again need to tap and access the following screens: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add CardDav Account.

Still if have any issue regarding configure Gmail in iphone or above mentioned steps then you can get the online assistance via Gmail customer service team available 24/7