The Gmail SMTP settings of server are beneficial to send mail from any kind of email program through Gmail. IPhone is a great device for sending across mail at any point of time, no matter where you are. However, in situation s when you use an SMTP server which is normal, the one which comes with the account on Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, it is important for you to change the settings the time you wish to switch to any other internet connection.

If you wish to avoid the issue forever, then you need to opt for an SMTP service which is a professional one like that of turbo SMTP. All you need to do is configure the settings of the server and it shall work, disregard of the ISP you use. Hence, it is completely ideal when you are travelling often while your eyes hovering on the email account. Following are the steps to set up Gmail SMTP settings for iPhone.

Find out here a number of trouble-free steps for configure gmail smtp settings for iphone:

·         You need to tap on the tab settings followed by the options of mail, calendars and contacts.

·         This needs to be followed by tapping the email account which you choose for sending messages.

·         The next step is to tap on the option ‘SMTP’ presents under the option of ‘Outgoing Mail Server”, followed by the option of ‘Add Server.’

·         Then, you need to jot down all the required settings. This includes the following:


ü  Set the button ‘ON’ for Server.

ü  You need to set up a host name which is the server name of SMTP.

ü  Jot down the present email address as the username.

ü  Next, you need to set a password and you need to use SSL.

ü  Tap on the authentication while entering your password.

ü  Server Port

ü  After that you need to tap on the option ‘Done’ and thus you are ready for sending emails.

Thus, the above mentioned steps need to be followed to configure the SMTP settings of Gmail. Only when the steps are followed thoroughly, can the configuration be done successfully. When the steps are followed properly, then there is no more worry for performing the configuration of the SMTP settings of Gmail. In situations, when it is not followed, it can create problem. Each of the steps needs to be followed one after another which helps in the configuration process.

Each of the steps is extremely important and no step can be ignored. Ignorance of one single step can cause problem in the process of configuration. Follow one step one by other and perform the configuration efficiently. You need to extremely careful while entering a proper email and password which will be needed during the authentication process. Avail the steps properly and it will surely make sure that the settings are configured.