Earthlink is the top-notch and uninterrupted email application that is capable to discard the bugs that mostly found in other mail applications.This is one of the elegant and smart mail application used across the world and very convenient to maintain the office communication.It commendable qualities attracts and compel the customers in such a way they got attached with the amazing services of Earthlink customer service

It is now time to take a look over how to configure Earthlink with Outlook through the assistance of the earthlink customer service team-

  • First folks open Outlook 2010 and side click on the File to be choosed.

  • It is now time to select the Add Account button that is under the section of Account Information

Through the first page that would open,customer enter the following details:

  • Name:  Name should be entered that folks want to see while doing the mails

  • E-mail Address:  The full email address to be entered

  • Password:  Current password that is accessed through customer

  • Retype the Password:  Need to enter the password again

  • Simultaneously user select the option for “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”

  • At same time customer should select the "Next" button

  • Side by side user may select the button that is next to the  “Internet E-mail” and the button for  “Next “need to be choosed

Simultaneously customer may now enter the following details:

  • Account type:POP3

  • Incoming mail

  • Outgoing mail server:

  • For the log on information:

  • Username:The complete email address

  • Password:Current email address

  • Folks may now choose the button for “More Settings”

  • Through the section of the “Internet Email Settings” users should choose the option for “Outgoing Server”

  • It is now required to check the box that is next to the “My outgoing server requires authentication”

  • Simultaneously users should assure that the button next to the Username settings as my incoming mail server has been choosed

  • Side by side users should choose the “Advanced tab” and should choose the port number as 587 and if got difficulty ask with earthlink tech support team

  • Through the section of the “Advanced tab delivery”,users need to check the box next to the Leave a copy of messages on the server 

  • At same time users may choose the button for “Ok” need to be choosed to come out of the “Internet email settings”

  • It is required to choose the “Next” through the Add new account window

  • Simultaneously users would found that a “Test account settings” window would open for checking the email settings

  • Side by side go for “Finish” need to be choosed through the users for the completion of process

Get Earthlink customer support for instant help

For the further problems users should contact the customer service team through dialling the number of earthlink customer support that would be easy to find on the website of earthlink customer service