Google is the giant search engine that helps users in retrieving various relevant information from its large network over the internet. Users can search for anything using Google Search and get exact result for their search. In case Google Search is not working properly, user need to get connected with Google search customer service and talk with tech experts for the resolution of their issues.

How to fix Google search not working in chrome?

Google Search is used to get the relevant information from the web. User can search for anything over the internet and get the result for their search in the search engine. Sometimes user faces technical issues in Google chrome which restricts them from getting result in the Google search. They have issues with chrome and they make a complaint about Google search not working in chrome. To fix the problem when Google chrome stops giving you search result, you need to delete all the browser search history as explained in below steps.

How can I delete all my Google searches?

Google is the world’s most used search engine so it’s no wonder you’ve entered all kinds of keywords in your Google search window. You can delete recent searches you’ve entered in the Google search engine.

  • Open your web browser and enter “” in the URL and sign in to your Google Account. This will take you to the “My Products” page.
  • Click “Web History” at the bottom of the page to open your “Web History” page.
  • This page will display a list of every search you have ever made while signed in to Google with “Web Search” enabled. If you have enabled this option multiple years ago and never deleted your story, you will find these history records in the list.
  • Click “Remove Items” if you want to remove one or more search results.
  • You will also see a button called “Clear Entire Web History” at the bottom of the screen. Click this button if you want to delete all search history records in your account.

Google search suggestions not working iPhone

If search suggestion for Google is not working on your iPhone, try clearing the browser’s cache and history. This is a common issue that comes while using Google search through iPhone. The Google search customer service support team can be contacted if the issue is not fixed by you in any manner. The support executive will fix it immediately.

Why to call Google search customer service phone number?

There might be situation when you face technical issues while using chrome browser to surf the web. To get quick resolution for various issues with Google search and chrome browser, you need to contact on Google search customer service phone number. The highly qualified world class Google customer service experts will help you in fixing the issue instantly.