Changing Gmail password on iPhone

iPhone is a symbol of status and class. There are many individuals who use iPhone but are not very comfortable in it and thus they are in need of tutorials to solve their issues. The common issue faced by the iPhone user is that they fail to how to change gmail password in their device. To do the needful and successful changes, the individual first need to

Ø  Locate and press the "Settings" icon

Ø  Then select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Ø  Then select the email account for which he or she desire to update the password

Ø  Here the user can update their email password by entering the new password

Ø  And then press "Done"

This will help the user to successfully change the Gmail password hassle free and without any tension.

Changing Gmail password on Tablet

Gmail password in Tablet can be reset in two situations, either when the user have forgotten the password or when the user remembers it but still wishes to change it.

Resetting Gmail Password When the user Forget it

It often happens when the individual is in a situation where he or she struggles to remember the Gmail password but fails to do so(how to change gmail password). In such situation, the user is left with a situation where need to change the password. To reset the Gmail password in Tablet, the user need to

Ø  Visit the Gmail log in page from the Tablet and click on the Need help line

Ø  That will direct to the Google Account Recovery page where the user will be prompted with 3 main options which indicate 3 frequent problems. The user then need to select the one, which is entitled "I don't know my password"

Ø  On selecting that, the user will be required to fill in their Gmail address in the bar provided and thereafter click on the Continue and finish all the tasks.

Ø  Now, the user need to fill in a CAPCHA form and move to the next page

Ø  In this new page the user will be asked to type in the last possible password that he or she can recall and then click on the Continue button to move. Or else  can skip this step by clicking on I don't know button

Ø  Finally, a list of options on how to reset the Gmail password on Tablet will be displayed

Ø  The user need to select either the alternative email address or alternative phone number to receive a verification code

Ø  Then type in the verification code which will direct to a new screen to reset the Gmail password directly in Tablet

Changing Gmail Password When user remembers it

Changing password is a good habit to protect the data and information and maintain confidentiality and privacy. To do so, the user need to

Ø  Make sure that the Tablet is connected with the Internet and access to the link

Ø  After logging into the account find the Sign-in and security option and select that

Ø  Then find the Password option in the list and the in the menu type in the new password that the user wish to exchange

Ø  Thereafter confirm it and then click on the Change password button to save it

Still folks find any issue or trouble regarding above steps for how to change Gmail password on their devices contact at toll free number which avaialable 24/7 for online assistance or folks can comment at comment section as showned bellow also post your enquiries!!