Google Analytics Troubleshooting Guide

Google Analytics is a smart tool to analyze your blog's insights. It's a free tool by which anyone who handles a blog can track the page views and other data related to his/her blog digitally. You can check the audience geographical interest. Along with this Google analytics, users can track the real-time views of their respective blogs. Having an Idea of who is visiting our blog will be a key element in expanding it further to overseas. In case you face any kind of problem you can contact the Google analytics customer service, they are there always to help you 24*7. 

Here we are discussing the troubleshooting issues step by step.

Google analytics code not working on Wordpress –Guide

Sometimes what actually happens is that while changing the themes or installing new plugins some of our codes get disturbs, if you are facing a problem that your Google Analytics Code not working on Wordpress then you can follow some the steps mentioned below.

Just after creating an account over Google analytics, an HTML code must be provided to you. 

  • Copy that code
  • Open your Wordpress
  • Go to editor section under themes
  • Open headper.php
  • Paste the code into that header file right under the tag.

Note: - Don't forget to save the changes before exiting the editor section.

After following these 4 steps, your problem will be definitely resolved. Or if someone unable to sort out then get in touch with Google analytics customer service toll free number for quick help

How to fix to Google analytics certificate error? - Troubleshooting Guide

It seems like it is a single problem but it doesn't. Regarding this title, there could be two different problems. 

One could be that your Browser is showing untrusted error. Then this problem is related to the SSL certificate that you are using for your blog. In order rot resolve this, follow the steps.

  • Login to your Admin console
  • Go to the administration settings.
  • Check the SSL certificate option.
  • Remove the currently installed certificate and replace it with an original SSL/TLS cert 

These steps will resolve the issue that you are facing till yet.

Another problem could be regarding the Analytics certificate that we get via appearing in an online exam. If your homepage is not loading then you can follow the steps.

  • If you are connected to a VPN then disconnect it.
  • You can fill the interactive web form and can reach the Google analytics customer service department. 

Hope that your queries are clear related to the problem of Google analytics certificate error still find any issue regarding that then contact at Google analytics customer service support team!

How do I find my Google Analytics property tracking ID? - Step by Step guide 

Google analytics tracking ID is very important in order to the audience over a blog, If you are not getting it then just follow the below mentioned steps. 

  • Login to your Google analytics account.
  • Go the admin sections.
  • Select the account of which you want a tracking account in the Account section.
  • Select the desired property to get its ID.
  • In the property Column, click on the tracking info option and just after clicking you will be getting your Tracking ID on your display.

Note: - Select the property very carefully as it can disturb your other blogs analytics.

Connect via Google Analytics Customer Service Phone Number

The above mentioned are some troubleshooting steps but then too if you feel that your issue is not yet resolved then you can contact the Google analytics customer service via Email or you can directly call on Google analytics customer service phone number - 1800 258 2554, they are always there (24*7) to help you regarding all the problem of Google analytics.