Outlook not receiving is the most common issue which users face. The reason behind this may be anything. This is possible due to some of the outlook settings, changes, or any mailbox conditions. Whether you are an android user or IOS or windows, you can solve the problem of Outlook not receiving email but can send in easy steps. Outlook provides troubleshooting steps to get through this problem by yourself, or you can also contact the outlook customer care team anytime. Follow the below steps to solve this issue:

Effective ways to fix Outlook not receiving emails

Internet connection:

The first thing is the look for the internet connections you are using. To receive or send a message, you must have a proper internet connection. If you are using outlook o windows, you must check the LAN connection to fix this issue. Turn off your internet connection and turn it on again.

Wrong outlook credentials:

To use Outlook, make sure that your account settings are correct. To verify the settings, perform the below steps:

  • Open the tool option and go to the account section.
  • Select the account from the left and verify that all the account credentials and details are correct.

Emails treated as spam:

It is quite possible that your messages are going to the spam folder, or any filter is automatically applied to send emails to other locations. To remove this filter and solve the problem of Outlook not receiving email by disabling the junk email filter in the following ways:

If you use outlook web, then follow the below steps:

  • Open the settings of Outlook.
  • Go to the mail option.
  • Select the block or allow options as per your choice.

If you use Outlook on Mac or windows:

  • Open the home page of Outlook.
  • Go to the junk email options.
  • Allow or disallow the email filter list.

Unavailable email server

It is possible that your outlook mail server is offline. Try another network server to fix this issue, or reach out to your network provider to ensure that the server is online or offline. There are ways that you can use to fix the outlook issue. 

If the above methods don’t satisfy your subject, you can contact the outlook customer support team. Talk to them and solve your Outlook not receiving emails automatically by locating to the outlook support section. You will see the various ways to reach the customer representative, choose according to your choice and connect with the live person.