Gmail account has become a lifeline to all the individuals in the world as it has become the primary account wherein all the important information and data is synchronized. Data related to contact information, bank details, email or any other account is connected with Gmail account. As a result, the user cannot afford to forget the password. If so, it happens under any random circumstances, then Google account still remembers the user password, and the user just need to follow the instructions and recover it.

The majority reasons for forgetting password is reported wherein the user has changed their Gmail account password. The user is always recommended to change their password frequently on a regular basis to avoid hacking and maintaining privacy and confidentiality of the information. In today digital world, forgetting Gmail password is considered a major issue and thus it is taken into high priority to resolve. Gmail enables the opportunity for the user to recover their Gmail password without the registered phone number or the recovery email but by just answering the pre filled security questions while creating the account.

Recovering Gmail Password without phone number

In the fast moving world with fast moving life, phone number keeps on changing and altering because of many reasons but that should not be a reason for not being able to recover the Gmail password as it remains the same with change in country or location. Initially, it was difficult to recover without the registered phone number but today the issue is being resolved and the password can be regenerated without phone number. For Gmail password recovery, the user need to initially

  • Visit the official website of Gmail
  • Enter their existing email address
  • Existing password will be asked for
  • User need to select “Forgot my password”
  • Screen will prompt to enter the last password that he or she remembers
  • The user can enter that if he or she can recall or else can just ignore
  • Select “Try a different question”, which will direct to Google Account Recovery page
  • Google Account Recovery page will prompt with options
  • Select "I don't know my password"
  • Fill in the Gmail address
  • Fill in a CAPCHA form
  • Selecting from options on how to reset the Gmail password
  • Select security question or the recovery question
  • Answer the questions
  • If the question and the answer matches, the user get the opportunity to reset the password or else keep trying
  • On success, he or she needs to enter a password
  • Confirm the password
  • Gmail account resets

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Henceforth, the user needs to use the new password for accessing the account in any device including mobile, laptop or any other or for any other further issue like recover Gmail password without phone number or alternate email contact Gmail password recovery number for quick asssistance