Do you have a Yahoo account and just realized that you forgot your password while logging into the account? If your answer is yes then you do not need to be apprehensive as you will get answers to all your queries in this article. Forgetting the account password has now become a very common issue by various account holders. And everyone has undergone the amount of stress one feels when unable to remember the password.  

Have tried many ways to recover your account and are not able to? Read further to know how to recover Yahoo password in different ways.

Method 1:

Recover my Yahoo password without Alternate Email   

  1. Open the web browser and go to by typing the same from the search bar.
  2. When the login page is displayed in front of you, enter your Yahoo username and press “Enter” to proceed.
  3. As you do not remember your password, tap on “I forgot my password” just below the password field and you will be redirected to yahoo recovery page.
  4. Now to recover your password, three options will be displayed in front of you. As you do not have the alternate email, tap on recover using security question.
  5. When you click on it, a security question will be displayed in front of you that you selected at the time of creating your yahoo account.
  6. You will now be allowed to enter your answer. After entering the correct answer tap on “OK”.
  7. Yahoo servers might take a few seconds to match your answer and then you will be allowed to create the new password.
  8. You can create the password that is easy for you to remember and then press “OK”.

Method 2:  

Recover Yahoo password without Security Question

  1. Open the web browser and go to yahoo mail from the search bar.
  2. Enter the username when the login page is displayed and then proceed further.
  3. As you do not remember the password, tap on “I forgot the password” available just below the password box.
  4. When you land on yahoo password recovery page you will be asked to choose any one method for recovery.
  5. Tap on recovery by alternate email and then continue.
  6. Doing so, Yahoo will send the verification code to recovery email. Open your alternate email and type the code that you received in the space provided on the screen.
  7. On entering the verification code, you will be asked to create a new password. Enter the strong password and then press “OK”.

After following the steps above your password will be changed and you can access your account with the new password. If you want any further help or assistance, then you can contact Yahoo support without any hesitation.