MSN-is a web which has related collection of internet services, it also includes apps for windows and mobile devices which is provided by the Microsoft. It is based in United States and it offers couple of versions for the countries around the world. There are four apps News, Weather, Sports and Money. However there can be some issues associated if MSN is not responding

MSN not responding – in this case the individual has to make sure that the MSN cookies are deleted which have the information of all the website you have visited which might be creating a hindrance for the app to open or can also try to  switch to  another webpage and try to open the app  

MSN not responding on the internet explorer      

·         First and Foremost close all open windows and save the work that you are doing restart the computer try to open the app again .

·         Open the internet explorer , in the start menu look for the option of tools and then click on internet options

·         Go through the instructions to clear the temporary files and cookies

·         Click on security and then hit on internet icon

·         Choose the intranet option

·         Choose the advanced tab  click on restore  default button  click ok and try signing in the MSN app, if the individual is still facing the same concern then one can seek help from the MSN helpdesk

MSN not working in iPhone

All the individual needs to check that the iPhone is updated with the latest version and then try to log into MSN , if the problem insists one can take the help from MSN customer service

MSN not working in chrome –

In all cases make sure that the chrome is updated and then follow the steps laid down

·         Hit the menu and then click on About Google Chrome

·         Hit on Relaunch

·         Delete the cookies and save all the windows

·         Restart the same

·         Try to log now, individual shall be able to log in MSN

If the MSN is not responding or working there can also be problems in sending and receiving the mail and will not be able to see any information in the apps, one can also seek help from the community or can simply go on the website and opt for different modes of help as per the preference