Solution to All Your Norton Antivirus Hitches is Just A Call Away !!

Are you the one who is a victim of any virus which has resulted in the slowdown of your computer or any other issue just resulted from the virus. Although the set of the features of this antivirus has attracted many and they rely on it for the removal of their virus or spyware, yet many users are stuck into range of issues in it on a regular basis and seek Norton antivirus customer service to fix these problems.

Some users want to uninstall Norton on Mac for any reason but they fail to do that. However they can easily do so through the instructions mentioned below:-

  • First you need to go to the folder named Applications and then double-click on Symantec Uninstaller

  • Now choose the check box beside the Norton applications you wish to install

  • Now click on the Uninstall button

  • Now give your confirmation that you wish to delete your product

  • Now you need to type Administrator account password and supposed to click on OK

  • Next click on Close

  • After that click on Restart

If you are the one who wish to know as to how to uninstall Norton on Mac can refer to the above said steps and fix your troubles as soon as possible or if unable to follow above steps then get in touch with Norton antivirus customer service team.

Norton users not only have difficulties in uninstalling their Norton antivirus on Mac, but also experience problems in installing Norton antivirus on the iPad. If you are the one who find yourself unable to fix this issue, then the following instructions will be highly beneficial for you:-

  • First of all go to your iPad and then launch on App Store

  • Now locate Norton mobile Security and then choose Norton App

  • Next tap on Get and then tap on Install

  • Once the download is finished then tap on the icon named Norton Mobile for launching the App

  • Now go through the Norton license agreement and then tap on Accept

  • Now you need to tap on Continue on the page named Subscription Required

  • Now tap on sign in

  • Next enter your Norton email address as well as password and then tap on Sign In

The ones who are surrounded with the question as to how do I install Norton Antivirus on my iPad can easily ward off their troubles with the help of the above said steps.

Why need Norton antivirus phone number?

However if they can’t figure out as to how to apply these steps, then the most viable thing for them is to connect to Norton executives and they will prefer speedy ways to fix these issues. Hence if you are desperately looking for fixing your Norton related blockades, then call Norton antivirus phone number directly.