Just in case, if you see issues with your Microsoft account and want to connect with the Outlook customer service live person. You can get in touch with them over a phone call. All you need is to follow the given procedure to talk with the live person at Microsoft. 

  • First of all, you need to dial the Microsoft Outlook customer service number 1-877-696-7786 or 1-800-642-7676 which is available 24*7 to assist you. 
  • Then to talk with the customer service representative, press 3 in the first prompts. 
  • Next, you have to press 6 in the second and third prompts. 
  • In this way, you will be required to be online meanwhile you will be in touch with the live customer service. 

Or else, you may follow the given steps to connect with the Outlook customer service live person:

  • For inquiring before you buy or purchase a Microsoft product or offering from the Microsoft store select 1.
  • For billing, shipping, order status, or refunds select 2.
  • Also, for technical customer support select 3

When you choose 3 in the above menu, you would be seeing given sub-menu:

  • For problems with Xbox say 'Xbox' or select 1.
  • Issues related to Surface products, speak 'Surface' or choose 2.
  • To ask queries about Office, speak 'Office' or select 3.
  • For any problem with Windows, speak 'Windows' or select 4.
  • In addition, for questions about cell phones, you have to say 'cell phones' or choose 5.
  • For problems related to other products, speak “other” or select 6.

Besides, if you select 6 from the above menu to connect with the Outlook customer service live person, you will be required to go through the given sub-menu:

  • For Internet Explorer queries, speak 'Internet Explorer or select 1.
  • On finding issues in Microsoft Band, speak 'Microsoft Band' or select 2.
  • For all problems with MSN, speak 'MSN' or select 3.
  • For problems in Outlook.com, speak 'Outlook.com' or choose 4.
  • To discuss the problem with one drive, either speak 'One drive' or choose 5.
  • For any query related to other products, speak “other” or select 6.

This is how you will be able to connect with the live person at Outlook customer service. On the off chance, if you find it less convenient to communicate with a representative over a phone call, you can connect them through email support or live chat. 

Apart from this, you can get customer service from the Outlook support page or Microsoft community forum page. You will be finding all the required information over there. Once you do follow the above instructions, you wouldn't worry about How can I speak to someone about my Outlook account?. Also, you will get instant customer service from the technical support team. So, dial the phone number or compose an email, you have many options to get your issues fixed at Microsoft. 

Microsoft Outlook Customer Service Hours 

A live customer service agent is available from 5 am to 9 pm Monday-Friday, from 6 am to 3 pm Saturday-Sunday closed

Does Microsoft have a live chat?

You are able to start a chat session with a Microsoft Support Agent on the site https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/ by clicking the “Open Get Help app” button.

Official link: https://www.microsoft.com

Contact support: https://support.microsoft.com/contactus

Product Info & General Inquiries

Dial toll-free: 1800 102 1100 or 1800 11 1100
Direct dial: +91 (0)80 4010 3000