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This section is all about the technical mailing disputes faced by account users. It will cover up all the hot mailing technical problems with their respective solutions too.

How to setup and add Outlook email in your Home desktop?

Outlook is the mail accounts which has features to prevent any type of glitch in the account and is easy to customize the account settings. New users face problems in the emails access at the beginning which is common with all email clients. Setup up the email account on your home device or computer and get instant email notifications or for more info then get in touch with Microsoft Outlook customer service team for best assistance. 

Follow the steps to setup Outlook mail in your home computer –

  • Run Microsoft Outlook 2010.

  • Click ‘Next’ as the startup wizard starts.

  • Once prompted to configure the email account select ‘Yes’. Also click ‘Next’ to move further.

  • Select ‘Email’ in the Auto Account Setup screen and fill all the details correctly.

  • Click ‘Next’ once all the information is filled correctly.

  • User will be now prompted with some login screen. Type the username & password and then click ‘OK’

  • Within few minutes Outlook will finish setting up the account. Click ‘Finish’ once it is done.

User can also add the Outlook icon on desktop for easy access. Here are the steps –

  • Click on ‘Start’ and then select ‘All Programs’.

  • Browser to Microsoft Office 2013 and right click on Outlook.

  • Now select ‘Send to’ and then ‘Desktop’.

  • User will have the Outlook shortcut on the desktop.

Or if unable to perform these steps then get in touch with the Mircosoft Outlook customer service team over support number to get help or assistance in this regard. All type of email solutions are given over the helpline number through chat assistance or expert professional assistance.

How to Fix Outlook Not Responding Error?

Imagine you are using your Outlook account and later on opening a file you receive a pop up or message “Outlook not responding” error, at that point what will you do? Well, Outlook users across the world, are unfortunate person the Outlook responding errors at a particular time and they truly want to fix this issue very quickly. If you are the one of them which is undergoing this trouble in resolving the issue, then check out the instructions as given below:-

  • First of all you need to install the updates

  • After that you have to check that your account is not in use by any activity or process

  • Now check this trouble which is due to the external contents

  • Next you need to search about the potential add-in issues

  • Now check if your AppData folder is oriented to the network location

  • After that you need to Fix the data files of Outlook

  • Now check on if your antivirus software is updated or if there is any Outlook conflict

  • Next you need to form an Outlook user profile

  • After that you can go through with a selective startup which is for advanced users

  • Now you need to form a Windows user profile for advanced users

By mode of using these simple steps, you can easily sort out Outlook not responding blockades which have caused a big distress to you or if anyone wants quick support then contact at Outlook customer service number avialable 24/7

A complete guidance for how to reset Outlook password

If an Outlook user is affected with an Outlook password reset issues, then he can follow these below mentioned steps to  reset his Outlook password:-

  • Click on can’t access your account or you can go directly to the password reset link
  • Then click I have forgotten my password
  • Then provide your email id and type in the displayed characters
  • Now you will have to click on email me a reset link or the tab named send a code to my phone
  • Click on the tab email me a reset link and use this reset link to reset your Outlook password

How to create a new Outlook email account?

  • Go to Microsoft account for creation of new outlook email account.

  • Enter your first and last name under text field.

  • Enter the desirable username (what comes before "", "" or "") under Microsoft account name.

  • Sort the desired password for your account under Make a password.

  • Type the password under Reenter password as well.

  • Select your location under Country/region and ZIP code.

  • Enter your birthday date.

  • Then select your Gender

  • Select the country code (your current code for USA(+1) for UK(+44) and so on)

  • Write your phone number helps you keep your account secure.

  • Write an alternative email address that you can access under Alternative email address.

  • Write the characters from the CAPTCHA picture under Help us make a point that you're not a robot.

This is Optional: check send me email with messages offers from Microsoft.

  • Click I accept.

You can instantly open your new Outlook account on the web or setup for access in email programs on computers and mobile devices.

How to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone?

Outlook Calendar provides you a perfect way to manage your schedule in a simple and smoother way. In present days, you can also sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone which will allows you to access your Outlook calendars anytime and anywhere. If you want to sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone, then read this article carefully and apply the following steps to synced.

Sync Outlook calendar with iPhone

Step 1:- First of all, you have to be needed to connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2:- Now open iTunes and then click on the name of your iPhone, which is available at the left sidebar.

Step 3:- Now click on the Info section.

Step 4:- After that, click on the Sync calendars from and then choose Outlook.

Step 5:- Now choose a option from between the All calendars or Selected calendars which you want to synced.

Step 6:- Now click on the Apply icon and then iTunes will start to syncing Outlook calendar with your iPhone.

Step 7:- After that, wait for a few seconds until the synchronization is completed and then disconnect your iPhone from the computer to complete the process.

If you are unable to sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone by the following steps, then you have to be need a expert’s help. For this, dial Outlook customer service number to get the informative solutions from the well trained and qualified technicians. These number are available at 24/7 hours.

Methods to Eliminate Spamming Out of Outlook Emails

  • Just make / change Outlook email password as soon as possible: Try to change Outlook mail password to remove the incidents of spamming.
  • Try to reset the Outlook account information: It might be possible that spammers or hackers are in mood to change your Outlook email settings before you do. Change the settings of Outlook email to confuse the hackers & spammers.

If you're having Outlook account & you wish to have to some phenomenal live assistance for the Outlook account then please avail online live Outlook microsoft customer service right here.

How to Turn Off or On Online Status in Outlook?

  • Simply sign in to your Outlook mail account to click "Tools" menu.
  • Click "Options" >> click "Other" tab.
  • Now under "Persons Names", choose the check box of "Display online status next to a person's name".
  • Finally choose the check-box of "Display online status in the To and Cc fields----".

If there is any problem in turning on or off online status in Outlook then kindly secure their professional 100% live Outlook customer service team available 24/7 for customers .

Steps to send a message in Outlook

  • Firstly click the online status indicator next to the person's name.
  • Secondly click "Send Instant Message".
  • Make the message & click "send".

There are also other complicated mailing problems with Microsoft Outlook. Get all technical mailing complications fixed by placing a call on their Outlook support phone number. Dial it to receive incredible live solutions for outlook email related problems any time.

How to add signature in Outlook?

  • Create a new email subject matter.
  • On the Message tab, in the Include group, select Signature > Signatures.
  • Signature command
  • Below Select signature to edit, select New, and in the New Signature dialog box, sort a name for the signature.
  • Below Pick out default signature, set the favourable options for your signature:
  • In the E-mail account list, select an email account to subordinate with the signature. You can have various signatures for each email account.
  • In the New messages list, select the signature that you want to be added automatically to all new email messages. If you don't want to auto sign your new email messages, evaluate the default option of (none).
  • In the Replies/forwards list, select the signature that you want to be added automatically (auto sign) when you reply to or forward messages. Other than, accept the default option of (none).
  • Below Edit signature, type the signature, and then choose OK.

If you want to see video tutorial visit :

How to set Outlook popup notification?

To turn on or disconnected the alerts follow the steps –

  • Go to the File tab, select Options and then Mail.

  • Select the check box of Display a Desktop Alert bellow Message arrival.

  • Now select a Desktop Alert Settings to change the in sight time and settings.

During the initial synchronization of the emails desktop popup doesn’t appear. Hold for some time and looking for the alerts later. If the somebody is not getting any notification, then it is better to contact the Outlook customer service team.

What do we recommend in Outlook customer service?

We can provide instantaneous assitance and information to you after identifying the issues you are facing in your Outlook account. The hapless Microsoft Outlook customer can opt for the suitable method to remove their issues. Some of the methods we can devise to tackle your issues are chat assistance, email assistance or phone support. Any complex glitches which involve absolute solution are deal by tech professional in effectual and cost effective manner.Their main motive is utilize their technical knowledge to provide customer 100% customer satisfactory solution. Hence contact online mirosoft outlook customer service phone number and fix your hiccups straightaway. 

Specific Microsoft Outlook customer service phone numbers are as follows:

  • Microsoft Outlook tech support phone number for customer service 877-696-7786
  • Microsoft Outlook online customer service phone number usa for technical support 800-936-8790
  • Microsoft Outlook customer care phone number for technical help 844-819-3386    
  • Microsoft Outlook customer service phone number for fast determination of outlook errors 800-386-5550
  • Microsoft Online Outlook customer service phone number for instant help: 888-275-3599

Call Time:-  Average Wait: 3 mins – 24 hours, 7 days

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