Pinterest is a social media website where information is saved, collected and discovered using images, GIF and videos. The website is very famous and is also available as a mobile app. People can often face numerous issues with Pinterest, with their account; it’s working and so on. Sometimes these issues do not resolve easily. If you are also facing any issue which you are not able to solve then you can contact the customer care of Pinterest.

The customer care of Pinterest is very experienced and has vast knowledge. They are technically trained and they make sure to help customers in all ways possible. Therefore you can contact them and easily get your issues solved. If you want to know how to contact Pinterest customer support then, this blog will guide you. Following are the ways to contact them.

Steps to visit Pinterest help center

  • Open Pinterest.
  • Visit its home page.
  • On the bottom right side of the screen two options will be given.
  • You need to select the icon shaped like a question mark.
  • When you will click on it, few options will appear.
  • Select ‘Visit the help center’ option.
  • Now this will take you help center page of Pinterest.

Steps to contact Pinterest support team

  • On the help page, at the top, an option to ‘Ask Anything’ will be provided.
  • You can type your issue here and the related topics with the solutions will appear.
  • Other than this on the help page many topics based on common issues that users face are given. Like ‘Account access and safety’, ‘Legal and privacy’, ‘Fix a problem’ etc.
  • You can select your issue from the give topics and topics under them.
  • The solution to fix the issue will also appear.
  • You can also select if your problem is general or business related.
  • If you need further help then you can fill the contact form.

Steps to fill contact form

  • Scroll down to help page.
  • There you will find the option of ‘Need more help? Send us a note”.
  • Click it.
  • This will take you to ‘Get more help” page.
  • You can now start filling the form.
  • Select the issue you need help for.
  • Then fill your contact details like name, email address etc.
  • Then you will have to describe your problem.
  • Then you will have to fill few other details.
  • Now your form will complete.
  • Pinterest support team will contact you via your email and provide you solutions.

This is how you can easily contact the Pinterest customer service.