Before using our website, we suggest our visitors and users read the privacy policy thoroughly before accessing any of the services or information. Here, we have described the detailed information about the privacy policy to improve our services for our users. Further, the user will be offered with all the reasons why the personal information was collected by the users and what are the approaches that we follow to avoid security threats.

Information that we may collect

While the user accesses our website, we may collect various sorts of information from the users to make the necessary improvements in the services that we offer. Also, the provided information can be used for offering a personalized experience to the users.

Personal information collected

We offer our users with basic access to our website without any registration. However, to access a few of the pages of our website, the user is required to complete the registration process where certain information will be collected that includes last name, first name, email id, contact details and more. Further, the information collected is used to contact the users and provide them the required assistance.

After the information collected, the users are offered an option to keep some of the collected information private. Still, the reviews, rating or questions of the users will remain public.

Retention of the collected data

We retain the collected information as long as it is required. We may retain information to keep the user account active and to resolve the queries and disputes of the user. In case, if the user deletes their account, we may retain some sort of information for records and analytical purposes.

Sharing of data collected

We don't offer personal data of the user to any third party. However, the collected information can be shared with service providers or agents to offer the best services to the users. Also, we are not liable for any kind of dispute if the shared information is used for fraud or has any link with the third party.

Changes to the policy

We have a complete right to modify the privacy policy without offering any prior notice to the users.