Take the help of AOL Basic Mail for viewing your emails in a simpler layout. It is an ideal solution for you if you are having problems in retrieving emails on a slower internet connection. Resetting the web settings is an effective way to deal with the issue if the configuration of multiple web browsers causes it. There are situations when a firewall or any other security software prevents you from getting emails. If AOL not receiving emails and you are the victim of a similar situation, we advise you to disable that security software temporarily. It is more likely to settle your issue. Pop-up blocking is the other thing that can prevent you from sending or receiving email. So, we suggest disabling pop-up blockers or pop-up window on your browser.

AOL not receiving emails with attachments

There are situations when an AOL email receiver is unable to find an attached document or image. It – AOL not receiving emails with attachments – generally happens with the pictures due to wrong formats. If the issue is related to the image, you may ask the email sender to send the image or images in the right format. If the issue is related to an attached document, we request you to delete the email filter you have configured. Here is how you can do this.

·         Go to your email account

·         Go to the top-right corner and click on the email settings icon

·         Select the email filter settings

·         Here you need to check whether there is any filter or filters

·         Click on it if you have found any

·         Click on the DETETE icon 

·         Exit SETTINGS and send an email to check whether the issue is settled on not

AOL not receiving emails from Gmail 

Did you update your email account password recently? If yes, you are suggested to update it to your email client, Gmail. To do this, you need to find the Account Settings or Email Accounts section. Here you need to select your AOL Mail account. It will enable you in updating your new password to Gmail.

Is AOL not receiving email from Gmail yet? Another thing you are supposed to do is to make sure that the IMAP or POP settings are correct. If you do so, you will be prompted to select either of the options. Select IMAP as it is ideal for AOL. 

Are you using an older version of Gmail application? You are more likely to face this problem if you are using an older version of the email client application. Maybe your version is not compatible with the latest security settings. Update Gmail with its most recent version and re-add your AOL Mail Account.

AOL not receiving emails from Outlook

Perhaps your server settings are not correct or you have used wrong user information if AOL not receiving emails from Outlook. We suggest removing the current AOL Mail Account if you are using AOL via a third party email client such as Lotus, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Then you need to re-add it after rectifying the server information. Or maybe the emails are being received in the spam folder. In such circumstances, you need to mark the message as not spam. Here are the steps of doing the same.

·         Make SIGN IN to your AOL Mail

·         Click on the SPAM FOLDER

·         Now you need to select the message which is not spam

·         Click on NOT SPAM then

·         You will not receive emails in your SPAM FOLDER

AOL not receiving emails from Facebook

Is AOL not receiving emails from Facebook? If yes, you are instructed to have a conversation with the tech support engineers hired by AOL management. AOL management has engaged the best group of support engineers and trained them with highly experienced trainers. These engineers are skilled and dedicated enough to serve the email account users most adequately. Hence, dialing the helpline number or sending an email could be a great way to resolve the concerned.