A Wordpress is an open source content management system which works on the PHP and MySQL which is installed on web server it could be a part of internal hosting service or network host however while working on the same there could be that they come across number of problems let’s see how to overcome the same .

Wordpress Customer Service and Support for troubleshooting various Wordpress errors step by step guidance!!

·         One should have a accomplished backup of your Wordpress Site - one can have a complete back on the Wordpress backup plugin there can be possibility that one does not have the access to the admin are of the Wordpress site then in this case one has to manually create the backup for the database and the files.

·         Deactivate all the plugins installed on your website – problems generally occur when the plugins create conflict with each other deactivating the same solves the problem to the major extend. if one has access to the admin area then simply go on the plugin page select all the plugins from the option Bulk actions select Deactivate however if one does not have access to the admin area then they to do so by connecting website through FTP client go to the wp – content folder rename the folder to plugin. deactivate.

·         Switch to a default Wordpress theme –sometimes the issue are because of the theme , one can easily find out if this is  the reason by switching to the general one from the options available in order to do so go to Appearance then Themes page and hot he activate mode next to do the default theme in order to do so through Ftp connect the website using the FTP client and then go to the wp –content – themes folder download the current one as a backup however as it is no more active it will automatically choose the default one , if this is the cause after making the changes one should be able to log in to the Wordpress site .

·         Scanning for malware and Back doors- one can scan the same by Sucuri.

These ones were the major concern, if you are still facing the issue for the better result one can seek help from the forum, live chat .and the most appropriate way is by calling the Wordpress customer service number.

How to setup wordpress locally?

·         Install a local server – individual should have a local host –Apache+MySQL, for Mac – MAMP,Ffor Pc - XAMPP

·         Create a new database –after installation run the same now you will be on start page here click on phpMyAdmin, make a new database

·         Download Wordpress – go to the ht docs folder extract the wordpress.zip to a new folder

·         Update wp – config.php file – open the wp-config.php and update the data base details dp_name, user, password, host according to the local host .

·         Run install.php – now go to http://localhost:8888/mysite/wp-admin/install.php and follow the instructions.

How to setup Wordpress blog?

·         Install Wordpress – In this section click on wordpress icon now you will be redirected to Blue host Marketplace which will help you do it faster, you will be asked to select the domain use the one hit next , once it is complete click on the installation complete link, you will be on next page where it will ask you to your Wordpress Login URL and password.

·         Select Wordpress Theme- One can install from the already– made Wordpress Themes in order to change the same click on Appearances then Theme , once selected get the mouse on it and it will show the mouse and you will get the install option changing on the Activate button click on the same .

·         Creating your first blog – go to Posts and then on Add New  menu in the Wordpress dashboard after writing is complete then click on the publish button .

How to setup Wordpress on XAMPP?

·         Download and save the latest version of Wordpress- go to http://wordprss.org/latest.zip.

·         Extract the contents – there should be new directory called wordpress within the optlampphtdocsdirectory.

·         Run XAMPP and ensure that all the servers are running .

·         On the XAMPP main page go to the http://localhost/dashboard/

·         Select the phpMyAdmin  by going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin

·         In the field option create new database enter the name Wordpress hit enter

·         Enter Wordpress from the database name, root as your name and do not enter anything in the password click submit.

·         Chit on Run and Install  

·         Write a title in your blog , enter the email and choose a password and username and now click on Install wordpress

Wordpress will be installed on XAMPP

Connect to Wordpress customer service number for any help

Doing this will most probably sort out your issue and if not then you have to try to simply give a call on the Wordpress customer service number which is available 24/7.