Here’s how to get rid of QuickBooks error 3371

QuickBooks is an essential application for every individual who is into finance management as well as accounting. But there are times when users face issues such as error code 3371 in their QuickBooks. Now, this error can be caused by the unavailability of any major installation file in your device. However, other reasons such as outdated OS or missing installation folder are also quite common for causing such an error. Additionally, a corrupt or overprotective Antivirus may also let you face error 3371.

Now, if you have got a corrupted QuickBooks license data on your PC’s hard disk then you may also get error 3371 notification from your device. So, this is quite clear now that there can be multiple reasons that may cause this error into your QuickBooks application. However, there are solutions too that you can apply to fix the QuickBooks error 3371.

Top Solutions to Fix Error 3371 into Your QuickBooks Application

Follow the methods mentioned below to fix QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118.

Try Removing the Ecml File from the System

To do this,

o   First press the Windows key along with the R key and then enter “C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8” in the command pop-up

o   Now, press the Enter key and then move to the Search Bar on the next explorer windows to type ecml

o   Next, right click on the search file i.e. ecml and then choose the Delete option and hereafter close the window.

o   At last, start the QuickBooks software and then re-register the software once again in your system before using it

Simply Update Windows OS

In case, if you are using Windows OS on your PC and you haven’t updated it yet then the chances are high that it would face the 3371 issue or any other error. This is the reason that you must update the Windows OS as soon as possible. Here’s how.

o   Go to your PC, press the Windows or Start keys and then simply select the Check for updates option

o   Next, follow the instructions that appears on your screen for updating the OS and wait until the update process is finished

o   Now reinstall the QuickBooks applications in your PC again and restart the system

o   After the reboot, launch your QuickBooks application and check if everything is fine now

Moreover, if the aforementioned steps on how to fix QuickBooks error 3371 have not been able to help you then it is strongly recommended to get in touch with the tech-support professionals and get assistance.