Windows 10 is an another master piece by Microsoft. It is highly advanced with so many new features. Along with the advanced Start menu, it has Cortana, a personal voice assistant. User can either type the question or he can even ask the question. Cortana gives instant answers. The files and folders can easily be navigated. All the apps can be seen in one click at All Apps. Also , in Windows 10, Microsoft has removed Internet Explorer and used a new browser Microsoft Edge. This browser has lot many advanced features like text only, reader mode, annotation, Cortana integration etc. From a note, if person select any word, he will be able to see the full detail about the selected word. 

Microsoft Windows 10 is an entirely new package and thus user may find difficulty in accessing it. so windows 10 customer service is full of certified technicians who had already worked upon every bit of Windows 10. This service is all the time available. User can call at the windows 10 phone number and contact directly with the experts in case of any technical trouble. Few common issues are discussed here in brief.

The most common issue after upgrading the windows is how to fix windows 10 start menu? after update, user finds that the Start menu has stopped working suddenly and user is completely unaware of the reason. This happens and there is no fixed reason for this. May be any file in the operating system is corrupt and thus user need to remove that corrupted file.

  1. Open Task Manager.

  2. Click on File and then click on Run A New Task.

  3. In the dialogue box, typw powershell and click OK.

  4. In the window appears , type sfc/scannow and press Enter.

  5. The scanning will take some time.

  6. When user see a message that "Windows Resource Protection has found the corrupted files but unable to repair them all." , this message indicated that there is an issue.

  7. Type DISM/Online/Cleanup Image /Restore Health and press Return key.

  8. This command will down;load and replace the corrupted files. This may take some time.

  9. If this resolves the issue then its fine else, user can remove and reinstall all the apps again.

  10. Or user may try to create a new user account.

  11. Or else restart the system and run the Anniversary Update.

  12. Contact the technicians at windows 10 customer service if still problem is there.

Another issue is with the windows 10 update. Sometimes the complete update get failed. Sometimes update happened but files doesn't open or there may be corrupted files. So how to fix windows 10 update?  The simplest things one can do is :

  • Make sure that there is internet connection fast and consistent.

  • Download the troubleshooter for Windows 10.

  • After downloading completed, run the Windows Update again.

  • It will install and update new files.

Contact Windows 10 customer service number for quick help!

For any technical problem, just call at the windows 10 phone number and get the immediate solutions.These are some of the windows 10 issues that the users face while working on it. So, to get the best solutions for it the users can simply call on the Windows 10 customer service number and can get in touch with the representatives available on the phone lines.