Is there anyone around you or in your circle, who has no clue about what Google is? I am sure that there is no such person that you might have come across recently. Well, we all have been using the term ‘Google it' when there is some doubt or someone has no clue about what the thing is. The one thing that I can be a bit sure about is that people do not know about Google services and products. They might have no clue what other services Google offer. Google has other services to offer like YouTube (yes! It has been taken over by Google), Picasa, Gmail, Duo (the highest rated video calling alp – that’s what the ad says, right?), and much more. With these, Google also provides amazing Google Apps customer service when there is some issue arising to any if the users.

How to fix Google apps not working on PC?

The thing that we might come across is Google Apps not working on PC which can be a little tricky. Well, if you feel this issue showing up, there is one thing that you can try to do. Try opening an incognito window and then sign in. If that works in an incognito window, then the problem is likely to be caused by the Chrome extension. You can go for disabling all of the extensions and then one by one, then them on for narrowing down the lane and checking which extension is the one causing trouble. That can be sorted out then easily, right?

How to fix Google Apps not working on Chrome?

The next issue usually faced by the users is Google Apps not working on Chrome and it can be crazy as Chrome is also a web browser by Google. Oh! So much Google, right? Okay, this can be a headache too. The message can be seen like has stopped which means that there is some Google Apps which is misbehaving. For solving this issue, go to settings and then click apps. After that, you have to click All and then GI for tapping Google Play Services. After you have click Google Play Services, click Manage Space and then tap click all data. After that, go to settings and then accounts and then click on your account. Click on the 3 sots stacked in top right hand corner and tap Remove account. Go to play store and you can again set up your account.

The last, but not the least issue that every user whenever faces, get irritated also. That issue is Google Apps not responding, isn’t it? The Google Apps is present in Android phones by default and sometimes they stop responding. For fixing this issue, there are some steps that people will have to follow or if want instant support then get in touch with Google apps customer service team

·         Press and hold the power button present on screen and then click the restart button immediately.

·         Sometimes, the problem might occur because of the fact that the Smartphone system might not be updated. In such cases, users will have to update the Android OS soon so that the issue can be resolved.

·         With that, go to Google Play Store app and then to My Apps and Games link. Update Google app there in the steps that will show up.

·         Sometimes, other options like forcefully stopping the app which closes the app and launches it.

·         The cache clearing and the app data clearing from Google app can fix the problem also.

·         The final method to be recommended is to uninstall the app from the Smartphone and then install it again from Google Play Store. There’s a guarantee that Google App will start again working if not then customer can contact at Google apps customer service number

Get Google Apps customer service phone number online help

These are the issues and the solutions. In case the issue still stays, you can contact Google Apps customer service phone number +1-844-353-5969 and get the issue solved.