Decipher Google related hitches via Google customer service team !!

Google is undoubtedly an IT giant which has proffered many applications to its users such as YouTube, Hangouts, Gmail, Blogger, Google Chrome and so on. The reason why these applications are a hit in the market is that they are just the best and are designed keeping in mind the exact requirements of the users. However when any hiccup crops up, everybody relies on Google customer service phone number live person to address his problem.

How to Use Google Chrome?

Is using Google chrome browser is your problem? Do you have no idea to use it properly? Well, if it is the case, then the following steps will be very useful for you:-

  • First of all you are supposed to go to the address bar of Google

  • Now you can type anything on this bar which you want to search

  • After you need to press Enter and you will get your search results

How to Forward an Email from Gmail?

Forwarding an email from Gmail is quite a simple task but there are many users who are stuck into this problem and do not have a notion of doing it on their own. Well, how do you forward an email on Gmail is something which only requires the correct steps and then everyone can do it without creating a fuss. Here are the exact steps to be taken when you are set to forward any email from Gmail :-

  • First click on Settings gear from the right corner of your Gmail email

  • Now choose Settings

  • After that go to the tab named Forwarding an POP/IMAP

  • Now click on the option Add a forwarding address

  • Next enter the email address which you like to forward

  • After that click on Next

  • Next click on OK

  • Now open the email message of the Gmail team having subject Gmail forwarding confirmation at the email address where you are forwarding the email

  • Now highlight the code and copy it under the head confirmation code

  • Next go back to Gmail in your web browser

  • Next you are supposed to paste the confirmation code under the head confirmation code

  • Now click on Verify

  • Ensure to select Forward a copy of incoming mail to _ and _ under the head Forwarding:

  • Now choose the desired email id

  • Next you need to select the method which Gmail should use to handle your forwarded messages

  • finally click on Save Changes

How do you update components on Chrome?

Updating your Chrome components is highly impertinent if you want to keep all your plugins updates. If you are not able to know as to how do you update components on Chrome, on your own, then take help from the following steps:-

  • First of all visit chrome://components in Chrome and then click on the button Check for Update and Chrome will update all the plugins which are needed to be updated

  • Once it is done you will enjoy smooth surfing experience in Chrome

Get Google customer service phone number live person online assistance

However, if you are not able to fix your troubles through the steps mentioned above, then all you need to do is to call Google customer service phone number live person and eliminate your issues quickly.