Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office. The following article talks about the process of how to configure Outlook for Gmail. The settings of email are available for varied other devices which comprise of iPhone, Mac, PC and others. All you need to do is to opt for your option.

Following are its steps for configure outlook for gmail :

1.      In case it is the first time of you opening Outlook 2007 since the time of installing it, then a window automatically appears which asks you to set up the Gmail account. You need to click on the option yes and then proceed.

2.      However, if this is not the first time of you opening Outlook 2007, then no kind of setup window pops up. In order to set up new account of email, you need to click on the options ‘Tools’. Then you need to select the option Account Settings.

3.      The E-mail account further opens up. Now you need to click on the option ‘New’.

4.      A further new window then opens up. This lets you opt for the e-mail service. Then you need to select the option, ‘Microsoft Exchange’, POP3, HTTP or IMAP. Further, click on the option next.

5.      This gets followed by a new window opening up. This window further opens up for the Setup of Auto Account. You need to select the option of ‘Manually Configure server settings or additional server types’. Further click next.

6.      An entire new window then opens up. You need to choose the E-mail service. Then click on the option ‘Internet E-mail’ followed by next.

7.      A whole new window further opens up which configures the setup of the Email-settings of the internet

8.      You further need to enable the POP in Gmail:

9.      At first, log in the Gmail account.

10.  Then you need to click on Configuration button which is situated at the page’s top.

11.  Then click on the Settings option.

12.  Select the option of Forwarding along with POP/IMAP.

13.  Next, you need to enable the POP option while selecting what you want to occur when you access the POP emails.

Following is the summarized form of how to configure Outlook for Gmail account:

·         You need to login to Gmail first.

·         Click on gear which is present in the right hand side and choose settings

·         Then click on the option forwarding along with POP/IMAP

·         Choose the option of Enable IMAP followed by Save Changes.

On facing any kind of problem with the how to configure outlook in gmail process, you can take aid of the Outlook support. You can get in touch with the toll free support number. You will further be assisted by a group of expert technicians who are completely professional and experienced. With the expertise knowledge, they will be able to resolve your issue at the earliest. It is a toll free number and thus it would not cost you a penny. Simply go through the steps and enjoy the privilege of accessing Gmail at the comfort of your desired operating system.