Process for create outlook account without phone number

If you wish to know how to create outlook account without phone number, simply follow the steps mentioned below. The process to create an outlook account without a phone number is extremely simple.

·        First go to the outlook account i.e. At the bottom of this website, you would get an option for signing in or else creating an entirely new account if you want to create one.

·        Thereafter when the signup page is displayed, enter your details like your personal details questions, security questions, etc.

·        Now in the personal information field, there are some particulars that you need to fill out like your name, gender, and birthdate. Now, this information need not necessarily be true since outlook would not verify it. But if you are or would provide false details then either remember it or write down the details somewhere.

·        Thereafter create an account ID and a strong password for your account. Your ID should be unique and available. It should not be taken by someone else. Your password should be composed of minimum of eight letters and should be complex enough that it is not easily guessable but is simple enough for you to remember it.

·        Thereafter you are required to fill in an alternate email id and an alternate phone number. This is required in case you lose the password to your account and require to reset the password. At that time, this alternate email ID or the alternate phone number comes in handy as the reset link or code is sent to these and no other email ID or phone number that you wish to send to.

·        Thereafter select your region from where you would be using this account or from where you are creating this account. You can select any country of your wish in this.

·        Next to keep the spammers and other threats out, Microsoft Outlook requires you to prove that you are a human and not a robot by entering one of those garbled captcha lines so that you can show that you are human. Once you have done that, thereafter accept the end-user license agreement and get to your account quickly.

·        Next at the bottom of the page would be displayed Microsoft’s terms of service and privacy policy. Now You do not have to actually read this but you do have to tick mark the box at the bottom stating that you have read these terms of service and the privacy policy and thereafter click on “I agree”.

·        Thereafter login into your account without any requirement of a phone number

There are still some folks who will not be satisfied with the solution of the above issue of how to create an outlook account, they are required to connect with the outlook customer service team immediately.

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