iCloud is a place to store and share all your data like audios, videos, photographs, documents, etc. Every Apple device user has an iCloud account and this account is common to all the Apple devices of the user like iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc. So this account is very important. But when the user has to maintain various accounts at a time, it is possible that the user may forget or lost his iCloud account password. This is a natural issue that happens quite often and thus the user doesn't need to panic about that. There are ways to reset a new password for the iCloud account. This article discusses how to reset iCloud password without phone number or email and security question as shown below:-

How to reset iCloud password without phone number? 1-820-999-3753 

  1. Open the page, appleid.apple.com. or call (third party assistance)
  2. Then enter the username and click on the link, Forgot Password.
  3. On the next page, enter the apple id and write the code given there in the box.
  4. Users will now be asked to choose an option to reset a new password. Either through an alternate email or through a recovery phone number or by answering the security question. So if the user is not having a recovery phone number then he can choose the other two options.
  5. If the user chooses to answer the security question then first he has to enter the birth date.
  6. Then the user has to provide answers to the security questions. Users have to be careful about the spellings and words used.
  7. If the answers will be correct then the user will be directed towards the page where the user has to enter the new password and then retype that to confirm.
  8. Save that password and now login to the iCloud account with this new one.

How to reset iCloud password without email and security questions?

  1. It is quite possible that the user doesn't have an alternate email id or he didn't set the security questions and answers for his account security.
  2. In such a case, there are two options through which the user can reset the new password.
  3. Either user may have the two-step verification or two-way authentication done with the account.
  4. Then he can log in with the two-way verification code and then set a new password by going through the account settings.
  5. If a user doesn't have even the two-way verification then he can select the trusted device which is added to the account.
  6. On this device, the user can receive the notification to reset the new password.

How to use another device to get back your iCloud account: simple steps

It is quite clear to almost every user that if any attempts from unknown sources take place to get into their iCloud account then they will be put into lockdown. Apple disables access to your iCloud account due to security reasons and that is also a good thing to save your important data. However, there are times when users often get locked out of their Apple devices through which they have direct access to their account.

Now, this can be quite an issue and may cause them to get locked out of their iCloud account for a pretty long time. This is why; they look forward to using another device to go through the iCloud password reset. Therefore, read this article further to know more about this.

Use another device to reset the password of your iCloud account in no time

•         Get to the PC or mobile device through which you wish to reset the password and launch its web browser

•         Head over to the Forgot Apple ID page and then enter the Apple ID that is associated with your account and then hit the Continue button

•         Now, enter the CAPTCHA code and to prove that you are not a robot or bot and then hit the Continue button

•         Next, you will see the next recovery page depending on the form of security that you’ve set up on your account such as

•         For two-factor authentication, you'll get a verification code on a trusted device in the form of a text message on your phone.

•         Now enter the code in the relevant field and then you can change your password via following the onscreen instructions.

•         For older two-step verification, you can use the 14-digit recovery key that you have set up before to get back your account

•         However, you can also use the common method i.e. security questions to reset the password of your Apple ID and then update it in all of your devices & services

Furthermore, you can also contact support to fix the forgot iCloud password issue with the help of professionals Apple executives.

Account safety should be the priority of the user when all his data is safe at iCloud. So user should have an alternate email id, Phone number, and security questions added within the account as these things are essential in recovering the account back. For any issue, the user can contact the iCloud customer service phone number which is a 24/7 service.