About Sbcglobal

Sbcglobal – it is completely owned subsidiary of AT&T however until 2001 SWBT was branded as Southern western Bell but later Sbc communicating started to brand its operating companies as a part of Sbcglobal Network  , Sbcglobal email has made to stay connected across as they can do quality communication , if the user faces some concern while using the services as if the password is forgotten , emails are not getting received , if the individual is not able to send the mails and if there are some other concerns as well which can be taken care by the Sbcglobal password reset support team

How to reset Sbcglobal password?

Sbcglobal password reset – in today’s time if the user faces some concern while remembering the password altogether then the tech friendly people can get the same reset if they landed themselves in the hot water which can be done by the following means

  • Initially go on the website http://att.yahoo.com
  • Look for the mail icon , login with the Sbcglobal and click on forgot password
  • Now click on Hi_your_first_name_ from the options and then click on yahoo account info
  • If it asks you to enter the password however click on Manage passwords& account security by doing this you will manage to gone on the AT&T Online Account Management
  • Enter the details asked this will finally take you to the page where one can reset the password

How to configure Sbcglobal email settings?

Sbcglobal email settings – if the individual is making the new account want the settings for the same , one can also see that one the web page for the verification which are as following:-

Automatic –

o   Go on the app , click on settings, look for the option Under Accounts click on the same and then click on Add Account

o   Click on Email enter the email address and password for the same

If the individual is not able to add the account before seeking the help from the customer service department can try to do it manually

Manually configure-


o   Put in the details – username , password

o   POP3- pop.att.yahoo.com

o   Port -995 once the details are entered click on next


o   Enter the details – username, password

o   SMTP – smtp.att.yahoo.com

o   Port -465 and hit on next


o   Email address @att.net

o   Email address@bellsouth.net

Once the details have been entered successfully the account will be added and the individual will be able to send the email address