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Microsoft Office is one of the most popular, reliable and suitable suites of product & application that developed by Microsoft company. This program is widely used Business, Enterprise, and Home users, across worldwide, which is much compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating system.However, no doubt its outstanding features, but sometimes users fails to perform the task in MS Office and face technical problems. Thus, users require excellent support, which is possible by taking MS office customer service from consulting us. We are famous global leader IT technical support team, who is working 24x7 days and gives the exquisite support. The users can get avail outstanding help by our technicians, who have experienced and qualified in fixing the problems. The users can avail support or contact through Online Live Chat, Phone, and Email support to their techies.

Here we discuss some troubleshooting issues with MS Office, which fixed by experts efficiently:-

  • MS Office installation and un-installation issue

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 on new devices, include Office 365

  • Licensing or product activation

  • MS Office crash and stability issues

  • Can't print after upgrading to Windows 10

  • MS office Diagnostics and repair problem and so on

How to Fix MS Office Product Activation Failed?

Whenever the user uses the phone activation process, and face MS Office Product Activation Failed difficulty, this means its cause due to various reasons like Internet connectivity, Antivirus Software, Firewall, Proxy settings and Corruption issues. Thus, the users can efficiently resolve this issue.

Follow the perfect solutions to fix it:-

Method 1: - Try to Activate a Microsoft Office XP Enterprise Subscription License Product

The user should try to activate the Microsoft Office product. Maybe, the Microsoft database is unable to find the license records. The best solution is to delete the existing Microsoft Office XP Data.dat file from their Hard Disk and then re-attempt the activation process.

1. In the Microsoft Windows XP, go to “Start”, and then hit on “Explore”.

2. In the Windows Explorer, go the “Tools” menu, and then hit on “Folder Options”.

3. In the “Advanced settings” page, select “View” tab, and then press on “Show hidden files and folders”. Click "OK”.

4. Then press on “Search”, and then “All files and folders” option.

5. After that, you will view “All or part of the file name” box, where you have to type “Data.dat”.

6. Under “Look in”list section, press on “Local Hard Drives”.

7. Next, go to “More advanced options”, and then choose “Search hidden files and folders” checkbox, and then hit on “Search” option.

8. When the “Search Results pane” comes, you have to“delete the Data.dat file”.

9. Close the “Windows Explorer” window.

10. Next, try to re-activate the Microsoft Office XP by just opening any of the Microsoft Office programs.

Method 2:- Try to Run Office As Administrator

1. First of all, close all Office apps.

2. On PC, go to “Start” button, and then type an application name, like Word and then the Word program icon shows in the search results.

3. You have to right-click on the “Word” icon, and then choose “Run as administrator”.

4. Then choose “Yes” button in order to permit Office to run as administrator.msn

Method 3:- Try to check your Internet connection, may be your Internet stopped working.

Method 4:- If you have updated already your Office but you are still facing issue activation problem, then try to run an online repair.

How to Fix MS Office 2007 Error?

Often, users getting an error message when installing 2007 Office features are not automatically installed. Thus, follow the below steps to fix it.

1. First, exit all programs.

2. Next, go “Start” button, then open the command prompt, and type the following command in the search box, “appwiz.cpl” for Windows Vista or Windows 7, and also Windows XP (For Windows XP, click on "Run", and copy & paste the command) and then press “ENTER” key.

3. Hit the name of the Microsoft Office Edition 2007 and press on “Change”.

4. Then choose the “Add or Remove Features” option and then press on “Continue”.

5. Select the features which you wish to install, and then hit on “Continue” in order to finish the installation.

Why Opt for MS Office Phone Number?

If still, users as you have any problem associated the above steps or with other MS office issues, then you can connect with MS Office customer service professionals dial at MS office phone number and get comprehensive guidance. Hence, experts are available 24x7/365 days for your help.