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MSN has been counted among the users as one of the most famous website that also offers a host of other services like email service, the search engine known as Bing, new, weather etc. MSN is popular all over the world for its service and thus it has acquired a lot of users. However sometimes the users face problems, which can be regarding any one of the services that MSN offers via its web based platform. Thus if you face any kind of issue with respect to the MSN services that they offer, you can contact MSN customer service for immediate resolution of your problem. The customer service representative will address all your concerns with patience and the solution so provided will not only be easier to implement but it will also get rid of the problem permanently. 

Next let’s discuss how to configure MSN email with Windows Live mail. The steps have been given below for the same:

  • First of all open Windows Live Messenger. You can deactivate the old account as it will   not work anymore. 
  • Next a new IMAP account shall be created. The configurations have been given below.
  • Press Control + shift + T to open a new account creation wizard.
  • Enter the details required there like your user name, email ID and password.
  • Next, choose to manually reconfigure all the server settings. In the incoming server field   choose IMAP. And for the incoming server address field, type in 

            Ensure the Port number is set to 993. 

            Authentication shall remain in clear text only.

            The connection shall be an SSL one.

            In the log-on username, type in your email address

  • In the outgoing email server address field, type in and ensure that the port number is 587 for this one. The rest of the settings are the same as one’s for incoming server.  
  • Next open the Preview properties window and select the IMAP tab. In that, underneath the special folders section, type the following paths carefully:

            Sent Items path: Sent

            Drafts path: Drafts

            Deleted items path: Deleted

            Junk path: Junk

  • Next in the Show/Hide IMAP folders, Click on the reset list tab to refresh the folder list that we had created in the step above. 
  • Click OK and also remove the old account from existence and your problem should have been remedied.

Next we are going to discuss MSN IMAP settings. To configure MSN’s IMAP settings, input the values provided below:

  • In the incoming IMAP server, enter the following:

            In the server address field, type

            In the Port number field, enter 993

            The encrypted connection type is SSL.

  • In the Outgoing SMTP server, enter the following:

            In the server address field, type

            In the Port number field, enter 25 or 587(if 25 don’t work)

            The encrypted connection type is TLS and authentication is required.

Next type in your username and password, your user name will be your email ID. And check if your email account works properly.

How can I import my MSN contacts to Skype? 

  • Launch of Skype program
  • The Skype shortcut will appear on your desktop
  • Click on the Skype shortcut now
  • The account login pane will open
  • Enter the login credentials to make the login
  • Access the account, now
  • Go to the left menu panel
  • We suggest you search out the MSN contacts, then
  • Press the Search Skype icon
  • You will get a text field on the same panel
  • Please type the email address of every single account that is likely to add
  • Add those contacts one by one
  • Every single click on the Add to Contacts button will add one contact to your Skype account

How can I deal with my MSN account if the password reset not works?

In this situation, you are either need to select I don’t have access or I didn’t get a code. After your selection, you will get your security questionnaire. It is definitely needed to be filled up. In the first stage, you should answer those questions which are known to you appropriately. Provide the projected answers then. Save the inputs. You will shortly receive a message informing that the account will be in access after 30 days or MSN customer service gives you the best answer to this question if users are not able to understand.

Get the best MSN tech support and help

Despite many such remedies being provided by the MSN tech support every day, problems do crop up and people face lot of issues when they are trying to resolve them. Therefore it is the best idea to immediately contact the tech support if you find any difficulty or problem regarding MSN account settings and lots more.

Find here some specific MSN customer service phone numbers are as follows:

  • MSN tech support phone number for customer service  888-275-3599
  • MSN online customer service phone number usa for technical support  888-604-2301
  • MSN customer care phone number for technical help  844-819-3386
  • MSN customer service phone number for fast resolution of MSN errors  800-386-5550

Call Time: -   Average wait: 2 mins – 24 hours, 7 days

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Helpful tools & number to call: - call via web

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