Fix Norton Setup Issues via these simple steps!

As time goes on, we are witness to more dangerous malware and virus which are ready to provide a serious threat to our applications and our computers on the whole. To avert these situations, the best course for us would be to pick the prominent antivirus system so that we might be safe while working on our computers. However, some individuals are in catch-22 situations while setting up these antivirus systems.

Here are the important directions for Norton setup which will be of much help to you:-

  • First, go to the site www. Norton. Com.

  • If you possess the Norton account then you need to log in.

  • In case you are not having any Norton account then you are required to click Create an Account and then sign up for the Norton account.

  • Once you have registered in then you need to enter the product key of Norton antivirus which is 25 digits

  • After that download as well as install the Norton antivirus

Fix Norton antivirus setup with product key

Some users also want to go for the Norton setup with the product key, but they are not able to do it. However, the following steps will easily help you with installing your antivirus by way of using the product key:-

  • First, open with the key for login

  • Now you have to go to services for locating the Norton product

  • Now you need to download as well as install the Norton antivirus

How to uninstall Norton antivirus product?

A lot of users intend to uninstall the product key but due to the unavailability of the required steps, they do not proceed with the uninstallation of their antivirus. Here are some useful steps to uninstall your product:-

  • first, click on the Start button and then click the Control Panel

  • Now open Programs and Features if you are using Windows 10

  • When the programs are opened, then click on the Norton program which you are willing to remove or click on uninstall

  • Now click Norton Complete Uninstall

  • You will see a subscription waiting period window popping up and then click on Next

  • after that click on the option Restart Now

By utilizing these steps, one can easily go for uninstalling their Norton antivirus product. However, if you are not able to uninstall this product, then all you need to do is to connect to the customer service executives who will always be there to provide full support to Norton antivirus.

What is the process to install Norton on Windows 10?

Norton is a security application that provides complete security to your system. Now, when you are installing for the first time, then you might have to follow certain steps. You can go through the below-mentioned steps to set it up.

Steps to install Norton on Windows 10

  • You can use Windows 10 in S-mode or Windows 10 ARM, or you can go with the on-the-go app from the official Microsoft store.
  • First, you have to sign in; here you need to use the Microsoft ID.
  • Now, search for the Norton protection, and click on the “Get” to install this.
  • Next, you can see two options, the First “I have already an active subscription” and the second one is “I want to try NORTON for the first time” choose only one.
  • Once you click on it, then it will automatically start installing to your system.
  • There will be some on-screen instructions that you have to agree and move to the next one; at last, you can see the “Finish” option click on it, and then installation complete.

In this way, you can complete the Norton com setup, and for any query, you can interact with the person and get the prompt solution. 

Guide to renew Norton Antivirus using Product Key

Norton is one of the oldest and the most trustworthy software which protects our devices from viruses, malware, and hawk-eyed hackers on the internet. It is a paid service, and that too is a mandatory one if you want to protect your data from getting breached and maintaining your privacy.

If you are a regular user of Norton and you wish to know how you can renew your Norton services with the help of your Product key, well go through the below-mentioned points;

Renew Norton Antivirus using Product Key

You can renew your Norton services with the help of a Product key by following the points mentioned below;

  • Open the official Norton application you have on your device.
  • Now locate and click on the option of ‘Help’ in the application.
  • In the sub-menu option, go to the account section.
  • It will showcase a section box.
  • Enter the Product key you have in the section box and click on continue.
  • Make sure you have a properly working network.
  • Your Norton services will be renewed after that.

You can also do the same thing by visiting the website of in a hassle-free and timely manner and can enjoy all the services provided by Norton. activate download and install with product key on a web browser download