Get a Quick know how to configure Gmail SMTP Settings 

So what if you are not aware of correct Gmail SMTP settings? Well, many people are muddled up due to not knowing the right information about Gmail SMTP settings and are always in search of a valuable information regarding it. However they fail at unlimited times in learning about these settings.However you can gather much relevant information about Gmail smtp settings from the following:-

  • Gmail SMTP server name:

  • Gmail SMTP username: your Gmail address

  • Gmail SMTP password: your Password

  • Gmail SMTP Port: 465

Now you have learned about the Gmail SMTP settings from the above directives but now it’s time to configure them. If you have tried a lot in configuring the settings, then you can easily know about how to configure them from the below mentioned steps:-

  • First you need to fix the SMTP server to the settings

  • now you have to set your username which is and you have to also ensure to check the option “Use username and password”

  • After that you need to check “TLS” off under the head “ Use Secure Connection”

Congratulations !! you have successfully learned about the ways to configure your SMTP server settings and can now send an email to any email id from any kind of network. However even if you are not comfortable in using these settings, then all you need to do is to use the customer support services which will help you in fixing these issues. They have ultimate knowledge with them which they can use to eliminate the issues faced by them in their Gmail account. They are really dedicated employees who have the better means to solve your multiple riddles which you are facing on a daily basis. Hence if you really like to know about the Gmail SMTP settings and also how to configure them in Gmail, so you need not depend on an outside source as you can call Gmail customer service executives anytime and learn about these settings to send your email from your Gmail account.