Get A Way To Configure And Have Some Idea About Hotmail SMTP Settings

Today everyone wants to work on latest technologies to be updated. Hotmail has major role in advancing and progressing the life. People are using it to make their task easy and secure from number of threats. It doesn’t creates any serious issues, because it has been designed with highly secured features. There is assurance that any confidential information will not get leaked without the permission of the users. When individual will have any serious issue like Hotmail smtp settings while accessing they could contact customer service team.

What are the common problems that usually comes while using Hotmail account?

  • How to handle multiple Hotmail accounts?

  • Why my account page is not responding anymore?

  • What are Hotmail smtp settings?

  • Why to configure Hotmail account on Android device?

  • Is it possible to delete account temporarily?

  • How may I set filter feature in my inbox?

  • How to set Hotmail over Mac operating device?

Customer support team is really helpful for providing amazing solution at affordable rates. To contact support team,there is need to dial Hotmail toll free number. It could be dialed from anywhere in the world. After dialing it,individual will in direct reach of the support team. Support team will provide reliable solution for all required problems.

Several problems are there which has been fixed by customer support team. Here,individual may see the resolution for one:

What are Hotmail SMTP settings?

  • Email address for smtp :

  • Username of Hotmail SMTP : Complete email address need to be given

  • For example- ("" or "" for instance)

  • SMTP password for Hotmail account : Hotmail account password that has been accessed through users

  • Smtp port Hotmail account : 587

  • For the Hotmail application, SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

How may I configure Hotmail account?

For Hotmail account,user may configure it over different devices and emails. Here,individual could see the configuration of Hotmail in Outlook:

  • First,user should select  “File” menu and should choose“Add Account” button

  • User should tap the option of “Manual setup or additional server types”

  • Now,user should select the “Next” button

  • Tap the button of  “Account Settings” now

  • From there,for the POP users, there is need to enter details for name, email address along with the account type and other major information:

  • Use existing email address with the password

  • From the “Account Type” ,users should select the button for POP3

  • There is now need to enter in the mail server box

  • User should now type for the outgoing mail server box

  • In the Hotmail account name, “User Name”should be entered now

  • There is need to type password in the  space provided

  • It is now time to select the option of  “Test account settings” ,located on the right side

  • From there, “Next” button should be required to click

  • It is time to tap “Finish” button

Those users who will be affected with any of the technical bugs,which has been listed above, they may reach the customer support team anytime. Tech experts are really good at analyzing the whole issue. Individual will now come with instant resolution of the respective issue. Users will have to spend certain amount of fee .It will be too less, and anyone could pay it. It is really easy to pay and individual balance will not get disturbed. If individual will not get the answer depending upon their requirements,they are not liable to pay any fee.

User could even take help by using other different techniques. These includes online FAQ’s and tutorials. It is really easy to follow and there is no need to pay any kind of fee.